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Steel Squares A-Grade, Steel Squares Workshop-Grade, Steel Ruler Pocket, Vernier Calipers (Brass), Economy Micrometers, Degree Protractor(Round), Degree Protractor (Rectangle), Degree Protractor (Round Head Cut Type), Depth Gauge With Protractor (Round), Depth Gauge, Bore Gauge, Wire Gauge- Rectangular & Round, Wire Gauge- Round, Thread Cutting Gauge, Center Gauge, Twist Drill Grinding Gauge, Universal Grinding Gauge, Radius Gauge, Radius Gauge Key Ring Type, Diamond Thickness Gauge, Feeler Gauges, Drill Gauge (Carbon Steel), Drill Gauge (Aluminum), Round Bar Center Finder, Outside Caliper Spring, Inside Caliper Spring, Divider Spring, Firm Joint Calipers Dividers, Firm Joint Calipers Inside, Firm Joint Calipers Outside, Vernier Caliper Brass


Double End Scriber with Knurled Body, Three Point Scriber with Replaceable Points knurled Aluminum Body, Two Point Scriber with Replaceable Points Knurled Aluminum Body, Hook Scriber , Right Angle Scriber, Double End Scriber with Twisted Body for Firm Grip , Single Point Scriber Aluminum Body, Replaceable Point Single Point Heavy Duty Scriber with Knurled Body, Double Point Heavy Duty Scriber with Knurled Body, Chisel Type scriber with One end Sharp Point and other Knife Edge, Single Point Scriber


Angle Plate Slotted (Open-End & Webbed), Angle Plate Stepped, Solid Angle Plate, Sine Bars, Magnetic V-Block, Tool Maker V-Block Clamp Set, Slotted V-Block , Casted V-Block , Tool Maker Parallel Clamp, Surface Marking Block, Surface Marking Block (Round), Micrometer Stand, Magnetic Base (Medium) Fine Adjustment, Magnetic Base (High Power), Magnetic Base (Flexible Arm), Mini Magnet Stand, Magnetic Quick Clamp, Magnetic Quick Hold Fasts, Magnetic Link, Magnets Pot, Magnet Pot Shallow, Magnetic Chucks (Round), Magnetic Chucks (Rectangular), Magnetic V-Block, Edge Finder Or Center Finder, Wiggler Or Center Finder


Drill Chuck Arbor (Taper Shank), Drill Chuck Arbor (Threaded), Drill Chuck Arbor (Straight Shank) , R-8 Drill Chuck Arbors, Solid Sockets, Drill Sleeves, Extension Sockets, R-8 Morse Taper Adapters, Drill Drift Keys, R-8 Saw Holder, Saw Holder, Bench Block, Precisions Live Center (Dual Bearing), Heavy Duty Live Center (Triple Bearing), Lathe Centers (Dead Centers), Lathe Centers Half Centers (Carbide Tipped), Live Center Bull Nose, Lathe Carriers (Dogs), Grinding Carriers, Lathe Chuck Keys, Tap Wrenches & Die Holders


Counter Sink & Debarring Tool (Zero Flute), Single Flute Counter Sink, Combined Drill And Counter Sinks, Tool Bits (Cut Off Blade), Tool Bits (Rectangular), Tool Bits (Square), Tool Bits (Round), Reamers Adjustable Hand, Reamers Repairmens (Taper), Reamers Repairmens (Taper Square Head), Taps (Carbon) Unc-Unf, Taps Carbons (Bsw-Bsf), Taps Dies (Hexagonal)


Tap Wrenches T-Type (Solid Jaws), Tap Wrenches (Retched Type), Tap Wrenches Replacement Jaw, Extra Long Tap Wrenches, Adjustable Tap & Reamer Handle Aluminum Body, Tap Handle Mini Steel


Die Stock Handle (Round) Aluminum Body, Die Stock Handle (Round) Steel Body, Die Stock Holders Shank Type


Fly Cutter Holder Set, Fly Cutter Holder (R-8),Turning Tool Holder (American Type), Turning Tool Holder (English Type), Turning Tool Holder (Adjustable), Knurling Tool Holder, Knurl Spares, Boring Bar (Double Ended), Boring Bar With Holder, Inserted External Tool Holder (Lever Lock), Inserted External Tool Holder (Screw Clamp), Inserted Boring Tool Holder (Screw On), Inserted External Tool Holder (Top Clamp), External Tool Holder (Top Clamp)


Automatic Centre Punch - Light Duty (Brass & Steel), Center Punches - Square Head, Center Punches - Round Head, Nail Punches - Square Head, Nail Punches - Round Head, Drive Pin Punches - 8"(200mm)Long, Drive Pin Punches - 4"(100mm)Long, Brass Punches , Transfer Punches, Hollow (Leather) Punches/Bell Punches, Steel Stamps - Letter & Numbers, Hollow (Interchangeable Head) Punches, Number Punch & Figure Punch


Ungrip Drill Press Vice, Tool Makers Tilling Vice, Precision Grinding Vice


 Machinist Jack, Bearing Puller Three Legs


Diamond Dresser, Wheel Dresser


Burnisher CVD, Burnisher ST, Bench Pin Small, Bench Pin Medium, Bench Pin Large, Bench Pin with Metal Holder, Bench Pin V-cut with Clamp, Bench Filing Block, Bezel Roller, Bezel Pusher, Prong Pusher, Ball Pein Hammer  10g, Ball Pein Hammer  20g,Ball Pein Hammer 40g, Ball Pein Hammer  80g, Brass Mallet, Brass Mallet with  Aluminum, Bead Board Large Single Stand, BeadBoard Straight Four Row, Base Mate, Bracelet Holder, Bead Board Multi-Stand, Bead Board Small, Buff Rake, Brass Pin Vice Plastic Handle, Combination Anvil With Bench Pin, Chaser Hammer, Copper Tong CVD, Fish Tale End, Crucible Tong, Crucible Tong Straight, Crucible Tong Curved, Cleaning Rack with 8 replaceable hook, Cleaning Rack with 8 hooks, Cleaning Rack with 12 hooks, Chaser Hammer 1", Chaser Hammer    1-1/8", Chaser Hammer1-1/4", Draw Tong 8",Ergonomic Arm Rest, Figure Punch set, Letter Punch Set, File Handle Plastic, Flask Tong Single end, Flask Tong Double end, Melting Dish Tong, Horn Anvil, Horn Anvil with Base, Hand Vice Wood Handle, Knife Blade Remover, Karat Punch, Large Dapping Dye with two Punches, Large Dapping Dye, Large Dapping Dye, Multi Blade, Mixing Bowl 4", Mixing Bowl 6,Mixing Bowl 8,Plannishing Hammer One side, Plannishing Hammer, Pitch Bowl Deep 5",Pitch Bowl Shallow 5" ,Pitch Bowl Deep 8",Prima Ingot Mold, Purpose for all File Handle, Pocket Short Shank Needle File Holder, Pin Vice set of 4,Pin Vice with Bench Pin ,Ring Holder, Scraper Hollow, Scraper Solid, Swiss Style Hammer  2-1/4 ", Swiss Style Hammer  2-1/2 ",Swiss Style Hammer   2-3/4 ", Swiss Style Hammer   3",Sprue Base, Torch Holder Hook Type, Torch Holder Bracket Type, Adjustable Pin Vice, Universal Work Holder in Plastic Box, Ultra Sonic Tank Rack  16 Peg Hanging, Ultra Sonic Tank Rack  32 Peg Hanging, Ultra Sonic Tank Rack  32 Peg Standing, Ultra Sonic Tank Rack  16 Peg Standing, Ultra Sonic Tank  Hanging/Standing, Ultra Sonic Tank Rack  64 Peg Standing, Wood Doming Block  with two Punches, Wax Cup, Economy Micrometer, Steel Ruler 6"to 150mm, Brass Vernier Caliper, Steel Economy Vernier Caliper 5", Plastic Eye Loupes, Plastic Frames, Eye magnifier with bakelite handle, Eye magnifier with nickel led steel handle, Folding magnifier with PVC pouch, Pin vise of brass nickel led , Pin vise of brass heavy body, Pin vise of brass nickel led, Spiral drill without spring, Spiral drill with spring 


Pin vise oxidizing set ,Drive In Punches 4" (100 mm) Long, Brass Punches (Non Sparking), Scribers, Automatic Centre Punch (Brass & Steel), Air Gauge, Bend It Magnet, Mirror, Magnet Pen, Telescoping Magnet Pickup Tool, Adjustable Scrapper


Drop-in Anchor, Drop Anchor (brass), Hammer Strike Anchor, Hit Pin (zinc alloy body), Sleeve Anchor, Sleeve All Anchor, Sleeve Anchor, Tam Anchor , Shield Type 3 or 4 Hook Anchor, Shield Type Hook & Eye Anchor, Wedge Anchor, Ceiling Anchor, Safety Anchor, Cavity Anchor, Set Anchor, Undercut Anchor


We also undertake manufacturing of:

of various designs & dimensions.